Friday, July 16, 2010

I Love Chocolate And I Enjoy Giving Chocolate To My Friends And Family features handmade, artisan, and gourmet chocolate gifts from world-class chocolate vendors. Bringing together the chocolate chef and the gift buyer to form a unique marketplace.

Believing that the world's finest chocolate is found in small shops scattered across the globe - each having a distinct approach and unique offering of ingredients. In many cases, vendors provide a product that is more fresh, more artistic, and less common than factory-made chocolate.

Not just chocolate for yourself but catering to the gift buyer. Allowing  you to select a delivery date that fits your needs, ship to multiple recipients, and includes a gift note. 

Their wonderful chefs enable them to offer products in a wide range of categories. 
From dark chocolate truffles to chocolate covered popcorn. They believe that there is something for everybody in their vast collection of gifts.

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