Thursday, October 14, 2010

My Sisters Brownie's

 My sis, Ms. Patty, made the best home made brownies ever! 
Back in Jr. and Sr. High School* Patty would make these and they were so good. She kept the recipe a mystery for many years. I always liked to cook but wasn't much of a baker and didn't discover her secret until much later.
  I was trying to save a little money and going to make a homemade chocolate cake. When I pulled out the box of cocoa from the cupboard  low and behold there was a recipe for brownies on it. What do they call that? A fabulous reality? I'm sure you can find a recipe many places. Cook books and online.
I made a batch from this recipe and wow, My Sisters Bronnie's! Maybe not quit as good as her's but good. So I called her and she admitted this was were the recipe came from. How easy was that after all these years.
 There are many different brands of cocoa, as you well know, and there is a difference in them for sure. Form "cheap" to quite expensive. Be sure to buy one that is 100% real cocoa. 
Recipes where there is a lot of fat , butter, and/or sugar, such as chocolate brownies, benefit from the more intense flavor of natural cocoa The Dutch process works more for syrups like for chocolate milk and on ice cream. It's not as bitter.
    Cocoa solids are the low-fat component of chocolate other wise known as cocoa powder. Cocoa butter is the fatty component. I believe it was the Swiss who discovered adding more cocoa butter to the mix made it smother and lowered the melting point thus chocolate bars.
But anyway Home Made Brownies are not that hard to do. Just a little more than dumping out a box and adding the egg and butter. If you can perfect it as my little sister did, you will never go back to the box!
Patty and I about 1957.
*She still makes them!

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